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Vienna travel

Vienna has influenced some of the most notable names in the arts of the decades including Strauss, Beethoven and Mozart. A truly beautiful city with much to offer the visitor. The climate in Vienna forces the city to present two faces to the visitor, in the summer it is a warm and welcoming open air architectural extravaganza, in the winter it becomes much colder, offering a fairytale experience of snow and icicles.


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Grand Hotel Wien
Vienna Marriott Hotel
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Viennese traditions draw from both East and West. Vienna's culture combines Turkish coffee with Italian opera; it blends Slavic passion with Germanic tidiness. Our Eguide to Vienna is your helpful Viennese tour guide with authoritative information on interesting activities in Vienna and on Viennese accommodations to suit every budget.

Vienna's glorious architecture reflects its former status as the seat of the sprawling Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today, with Austria's borders enclosing a craggy stretch of the Alps and a patch of lowlands along the Danube River, Vienna looms large on the international art scene. The works of cutting-edge Viennese artists and architects jostle for space among the Gothic cathedrals of Vienna. Let our comprehensive Eguide assist you in getting to Vienna, finding a place to stay in Vienna, getting around Vienna, dining in Vienna, shopping in Vienna, and seeing the sights of Vienna.

The imperial city of Vienna, located on the Danube River, is one of Europe's grandest destinations. With its impressive architecture, sophisticated musical culture, and rich cuisine, it is easy to see why the Austrian capital attracts so many visitors.

Vienna travel

Vienna's history can be traced as far back as the Celtic times, but its most prosperous period was during the rule of the Hapsburg empire, from the 15 th to the 19 th centuries. The Hapsburgs' legacy is still present today in many of Vienna's buildings and traditions.


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