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Japan (Nippon to the inhabitants) is an Asian country that comprises of over 3000 islands in the Pacific Ocean . One of the most beautiful of countries in the world, Japan is all decked out in April when the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. It is called the Land of the Rising Sun. The nearest neighbours are Russia , China and Korea.

How to get there and get around

JAL or Japan International Airlines has flights from many of the countries in the world. Other major carriers also take passengers to the many of the islands that comprise Japan . While in Japan , tourists may travel in the domestic airlines or trains. It is a good idea to buy a three month pass if you intend to travel in Japan long distance by train. For shorter distances, buy a subway pass. Taxis are plenty but can get very expensive. Buses are cheaper but it takes a while to understand the routes and timings.

The thousands of islands that make up the country of Japan are covered with volcanic mountains situated in the Pacific Ocean. Japan 's highest peak, Mount Fuji is a world famous tourist attraction. Japan is a constitutional monarchy in which the Emperor has limited powers. The main islands of Japan are Hokkaidô, Honshû, Shikoku and Kyûshû. Since it is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire where three tectonic plates meet, Japan experiences frequent tremors, volcanic activity and sometimes tsunami raising underwater earthquakes. Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is the world's most populous urban area which is still growing.


The weather in Japan varies from the north where long, cold winters are common to the southern islands where people experience warm winters and hot summers. Japan also has everything in between; heavy snowfall, rains, seasonal winds, hot, humid summers and Typhoons (hurricanes). The average temperature in the southern islands surrounding Okinawa is about 22.6 degrees Celsius and the numbers dip as we travel further up north.

Japan Travel

What to see in Japan

One of the most famous towns in Japan is Kamakura where the giant Bronze Buddha statue attracts crowds from all over the world. Tokyo 's Imperial Palace opens on the first of the year and on the Emperor's birthday (23 December). The East Gardens are open all year. Also, explore the Shitamachi and Asakusa-Kannon temple, the Hachimangu Shrine and the Enoshima Island . Mount Fuji is a sight you don't want to miss. Visitors are allowed to climb this 3776m (12388ft) mountain in summer. The island of Hokkaido is home to the native Ainu culture. Kyoto , which was the capital of Japan for over 1000 years offers the Golden Pavilion, Zen rock garden of Ryoanji, Kiyomizu temple and the Gion Geisha district.


Japan is a very expensive country to visit. Tokyo is crowded and not very easy to navigate whether on foot or by taxi. Allow enough time and expense to move inside the country and get from place to place in the least expensive way if you are budget conscious.


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