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Austria is a country of stunning mountain ranges, beautiful landscapes and historic cities. Situated in central Europe, Austria is a landlocked country bordered by the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland and Italy. It was once the powerhouse of the continent, when it was ruled by the Hapsburgs.

Austria travel

Most of the country is dominated by mountains. Consequently, there's an incredible range of winter sports held at many of the alpine resorts, or rock climbing and trekking in the Tyrol. Whilst in the Tyrol try some of the traditional cuisine such as Gröstl (pan-fried onion, meat and potato). Bacon and cured pork are features of many of the dishes.

The capital city is Vienna, a romantic, enchanting and beautiful part of the country. There are so many attractions waiting for the tourist to dive into. Amongst the most popular are: The Hofburg - a striking palace with sections dating from the 13th century. For opera lovers there's the Vienna Opera House, guided tours are also available. The city is also packed with many interesting museums, shops and galleries. Whilst you're there pop into Demel's coffee shop. It‘s famous throughout the city for its drinks and pastries.

Music lovers also head for Salzburg, Mozart's birthplace. Every year there's the Salzburg Festival, featuring some of the world's best classical musicians. The city also boasts many fine Baroque buildings, particularly in the Old Town. Also make a date with the Mirabel Palace and its gardens. A wonderful sight, especially in the summer when the flowers are in bloom.


Austria travel


Austria transport

The main air transport hub is Vienna, but there are also other international airports at Graz, Salzburg, and Innsbruck amongst others. A more scenic way is to arrive by bus or car, as Austria is well linked to surrounding European countries by motorway. Inside the country, road, rail and air networks are excellent.


Austria climate

The Austrian climate is moderate, with four distinct seasons.


Travel guides

For Austria there is a Vienna travel guide.

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